Sustainable Hangers

Environmentally responsible hangers

Hangers of London are committed to looking at new ways of offering our great services with an increased responsibility to become fully sustainable with our products.

We already use ethically sourced materials across our wide range of coat hangers, however with a passion for reducing our own carbon footprint further, we are constantly evolving the Hangers of London business by manufacturing in exciting new materials. Bamboo, wood pulp, card, and 100% biodegradable plastic hangers are at the forefront of our business strategy.

We can provide

  • Sustainable wooden hangers
  • Sustainable cardboard, wood pulp, and paper hangers
  • Sustainable plastic hangers
  • Sustainable metal hangers
  • Sustainable premium hangers
  • Sustainable transit hangers

Our skilled team are available to advise and realise your clothes hanger brief and support your business goals. Wooden, plastic and metal hangers are also available.

A customised eco-friendly option

Our sustainable hangers can be tailored to your specific requirements using dye from natural origins – we can stain and colour your chosen style whilst a company branding can also be added to personalise further.

A Positive Step

With retailers and domestic customers all understanding the importance of sustainability we are confident we can help you with your journey to improving waste and supporting nature. Contact our team for further enquiries. We are based in London and offer delivery throughout the UK and worldwide.