Recycled plastic and cardboard clothes hangers

Recycled Hangers

Plastic and 100% recycled cardboard hangers with custom branding.

In 2006 684,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved by recycling the UK's plastics, this is equivalent to taking more than 216,000 cars off the road!

The UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year of which an estimated 19% is currently being recovered or recycled. Why should we recycle our plastic? Well that's simple and fits in with our ethical objectives- Less wasted plastic means less plastic going to landfills, less oil used for production and overall less energy consumed!

All plastics can be recycled however the extent to which they are recycled varies. The most common use for most plastic after its first use, is to be 'recycled', preferably into a product that can be recycled again, like our hangers. All black plastic hangers are made out of recycled material.

However there is also the term 'reprocessed' for products made from recovered material called 'industrial scrap'. We are a strong believer in using industrial scrap. This is the excess material left over during production. Normally from skeletal waste and quality control samples.

Post production we can discuss unwanted hangers and arrange a re-use plan with our logistics team to ensure the hangers are recycled and not thrown out as waste. We are very open to new ideas in regards with recycling and would love to hear about any suggestions you can offer, please contact us.

Also new to our ever expanding range are 100% recycled cardboard hangers available for greener thinking stores with great advertising potential as 99% of the hanger can be branded to custom designs.

Cardboard & Plastic Hangers
Recycled Custom Cardboard Hangers

100% Recycled Cardboard hangers, customised to your colours and branding, as required. Please contact us for full details.

Recycled Plastic Hangers