Recycled Plastic Hangers

Stylish & versatile plastic hangers

Hangers of London has an extensive collection of plastic hangers to suit any retail or commercial scenario. Lightweight and durable our plastic hangers are an ideal practice choice. Choose from a vast selection of styles and sizes. Hangers can also be customised to suit your business by selecting colour and finish whilst the option to brand hangers is also available.

An Extensive range

Hangers of London has the largest clothes hanger availability. With over 25 years’ experience we are proud to offer a comprehensive range that includes:

  • Bespoke plastic hangers
  • Sustainable plastic hangers
  • Premium plastic hangers
  • Rubber and soft touch plastic hangers
  • Transit plastic hangers
  • Suit and tailoring plastic hangers
  • Baby and children’s plastic hangers
  • Lingerie plastic hangers

Our skilled team are available to advise and realise your clothes hanger brief and support your business goals. Wooden, metal and sustainable hangers are also available.

A cost-effective solution

Our hangers are the perfect combination of stylish design with affordability. Whatever your budget we can provide a hanger solution for you. From designer premium acrylic hangers to an economic option, our experienced team can advise and design the perfect plastic hanger.

Ethically Made

To further our commitment to becoming more sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint, Hangers of London use 100% recycled plastic in the construction of our plastic hangers. Our experience and expertise ensure we are the ideal choice for beautiful plastic hangers that are made responsibly.