Metal Hangers

Metal hangers offer retailers a different look to the commonly used wooden or plastic hangers. Metal hangers are very durable and come in various shapes /finishes.

Our range includes metal coat hangers, suit hangers, dress, topwear, trouser, bottomwear, knitwear, childrens, kids and lingerie metal hangers. We also provide bespoke Hotel, boutique, shop, specialist and customised metal hangers. Our wholesale minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1,000 pieces.

HOL Clothes Hangers
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 pcs
Please click the individual hangers below to view larger images and more details of each hanger.

We are one of the leading Wholesale Metal Hanger Suppliers as we combine our ability to meet our customer's expectations on quality, availability, price point and providing fast UK and worldwide delivery. We use quality materials ethically sourced with international certificates.

We have 100's of branding styles and options for Hanger customisation.

For general enquiries, to view branding styles or for a quotation, please contact us on: Tel: 020 8885 3055 or email on