Matt Black Hangers

Matt Black Hangers

Designer hanger with chrome accessories.

Hangers of London design and produce a large range of wholesale and handmade clothing wooden hangers.

Our range includes wooden coat hangers, suit hangers, dress, topwear, trouser, bottomwear, knitwear, childrens, kids and lingerie wooden hangers. We also provide bespoke hotel, boutique, shop, specialist and customised wooden hangers.

The Matt Black Hangers Series - a classic wood timeless finish complimented by metal accessories.

Matt Black Hanger range
Matt Black Hanger Series

We are one of the leading Wholesale Wooden Hanger Suppliers as we continue to combine our ability to meet our customers expectations on quality, availability, price point and providing fast UK and worldwide delivery.

For general enquiries and quotations, please contact us on Tel: 020 8885 3055 or email

HOL Clothes Hangers
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Code: HOL8300B
Sizes available: 44.5cm, 38cm

Code: HOL3013B
Sizes available: 44.5cm

Code: HOLT661B
Sizes available: 44.5cm, 40cm

Code: HOL661B
Sizes available: 44.5cm, 38cm

Code: HOL5317B
Sizes available: 38cm

Code: HOLK515B
Sizes available: 28cm