Hanger Accessories - Hooks, Clips and bars

As we manufacture ourselves in many fields - we can help redesign certain parts of the product make up such as hooks and clips to customer requirements - please see the images of some of the more popular metal accessories.

Our range includes metal coat hangers, suit hangers, dress, topwear, trouser, bottomwear, knitwear, childrens, kids and lingerie metal hangers. We also provide bespoke hotel, boutique, shop, specialist and customised metal hangers.

HOL Hanger Accessories
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 pcs
Please click the individual hangers below to view larger images and more details of each Product.
Code: HOL507

Code: HOL540

Code: HOL517

Code: HOL603

Code: HOL511

Code: HOL532

Code: HOL543

Code: HOL185-1

Code: HOL520

Code: HOL525 Chrome

Code: HOL541

Code: HOL522 Nickel

Code: HOL504

Code: HOL609

Code: HOL508

Code: HOL616

Code: HOL510

Code: HOL610

Code: HOL550

Code: HOL612

Code: HOL502

Code: HOL506

Code: HOL513

Code: HOL613

Code: HOL549

Code: HOL527

Code: HOL614

Code: HOL509

Code: HOL608

Code: HOL604

Code: HOL515 Security Hook

Code: HOL529

Code: HOL528

Code: HOL553

Code: HOL530

Code: HOL512

Code: HOL544

Code: HOL611

Code: HOL526

Code: HOL552

Code: HOL534

Code: HOL185

Code: HOL605

Code: HOL600

Code: HOL505

Code: HOL536

Code: HOL601

Code: HOL554

Code: HOL521

Code: HOL547

Code: HOL539 Black

Code: HOL551

Code: HOL606

Code: HOL 540

Code: HOL503

Code: HOL518

Code: HOL537

Code: HOL533

Code: HOL524

Code: HOL607 Bronze

Code: HOL531

Code: HOL615

Code: HOL185-2

Code: HOL514

Code: HOL501

Code: HOL548

Code: HOL523 Gold

Code: HOL602

Code: HOL617

Code: HOL535

Code: HOL546

Code: HOL545

Code: HOL538

Code: HOL542-1

Code: HOL516

Code: HOL519

Code: HOL 541

Code: HOL542

Code: HOL555

We are one of the leading Wholesale Hanger Suppliers as we continue to combine our ability to meet our customers expectations on quality, availability, price point and providing fast UK and worldwide delivery.

For general enquiries and quotations, please contact us on Tel: 020 8885 3055 or email info@hangersoflondon.com